We believe in: rough consensus and running code. From front to back, iOS to Android, cloud to chip, our developers are truly full-stack. Together we run the gamut of anything you can run software on. From internet scale to miniature satellites, we make it work, make it right and make it fast.


From brand to user experience, design is increasingly important to all startups and a real driver of a product's success in the global marketplace. We want to make sure our portfolio has world class design talent available for them from day one.

Data Science

When software is eating the world we need those who can make sense of the data trail that’s left behind. Our data science team will help you understand your business and fly by the critical metrics instead of just seeing those users who yell the loudest.


If you optimize for growth you can’t go wrong. Our growth team dedicates all their time to doing just that. We love nothing more than seeing our portfolio companies using everything we have learned over the years.


Master the message. We know the impact marketing can have when done right. Our marketing team will help our companies get there by selling dreams instead of just products.


Hiring the best is your most important task as a startup founder. What an average developer could accomplish and what the best developer could accomplish is 50 or 100 to 1. We help you consistently figure out who really smart people are and how to get them to join your company.


Coffee is for closers and only successful selling will take you there. Our sales team will help you master the best sales tactics and grow your business faster. Sales cure all.